Sterling Greenwoods Pvt Ltd.

Launching a premium club

When Sterling Greenwoods gave Images the tough challenge of reviving a stagnant brand, we rolled out a multi-pronged communications campaign. Sterling Greenwoods wanted to launch a Premium Club using a dormant but once-strong brand - Sterling Greenwoods Club.

We used the inherent strong history and energized it with a zing and a buzz of an active club. Images initiated a still Photography assignment to capture the Club with a fresh new perspective. And then conceptualized and created an Advertising Campaign, Hoardings and a Club Brochure to showcase the Club's salient features and exclusiveness. The advertising campaign used a series of teaser ads to build up mass curiosity and interest in the Club Launch. The Launch itself was promoted as an Event and supported by Images with an Audiovisual Presentation and Panels for the Event Party. The client further commissioned Images to cover the entire Launch Event with Still Photography.

The entire communication campaign helped create a vivacious identity for the Club. If you would like a similar integrated communications program for your product or service, talk to us today.

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