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Rushi Exim Pvt Ltd.

A delicious spread of exotic Indian treats.

Saurbhi had been exporting a wide range of Indian spices to markets outside India. They needed a brand and packaging identity for its entire range or spices, grains, savouries and traditional sweets. They chose Images Design Studio to create Brand Saurbhi for a world target market.

The brand identity needed to reflect both the authentic Indian ingredients as well as high quality of products. Images began working on the company's brand positioning around the quality of the ingredients. Next, we designed a captivating look and the feel of packaging for its entire range of products. A fresh and vivacious creative visual signalled the richness of the Indian food. Packaging for each product was developed with a unique style yet kept in sync with the overall umbrella brand.

Saurbhi also asked us to design a product profile for their range of spices. Images created a delectable treat in print, flavoured with the company's trademark commitment, quality and customer responsiveness.

Client List

With a combined 13+ years of expertise, we have worked with some of the most successful companies accross an array of industries. Here is a partial list of clients we've had the pleasure to service.


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