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PMC Project Pvt Ltd.

An uncommon web interface for an uncommon enterprise.

PMC Projects had a huge pool of special expertise and resources in the field of Infrastructure development. They gained immense experience while building one of India's largest private ports for Adani Group. They wanted to share this expertise and outsource it to the rest of the world.

They asked Images Design Studio to create a website for clients located across the world. This website was also to be linked with an Intranet for internal use.

Images conducted in-depth interviews with several key portfolio holders across the company to understand the business dynamics. All the inputs were then worked upon for an optimally structured website. The internet was a vehicle of customer interface for prospective and existing customers located all across the world. On the other hand, the intranet was created with a detailed design to facilitate smooth and efficient interaction within the company.

We created a strong web presence in sync with the company's large scale of business vision. The brand equity of the company was constituted with core competencies like world class capabilities, exceptional efficiencies and rare synergies.

Client List

With a combined 13+ years of expertise, we have worked with some of the most successful companies accross an array of industries. Here is a partial list of clients we've had the pleasure to service.


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