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Coolest Ideas demand exceptional creativity.

Hitachi is one of India’s leading companies in air conditioners. They have a keen eye for creative solutions for specific communication tasks. Our long relationship has resulted n a range of unique, challenging but very satisfying solutions.

We created a multimedia timeline to celebrate and mark their XYth anniversary. We designed several internal presentations to meet special business objectives like motivating sales team, updating dealer community, etc. A special challenge was creating innovative trophy designs for Best Dealer Award functions. An ice cube crystallized one of the trophies.

In another area of deliverables, we created a series of wall calendars. We asked,‘Why not piggy-back a business tool with the company calendar since they are a vehicle of year-long longevity? So, we developed themes after extensive discussions with the client about business objectives that could be addressed via a creative presentation. One of the calendars was worked around colours and their positive influence on our daily work life. Another explored and encouraged team spirit to motivate cohesive relations within the organization. Still another worked on environment with a line “One body, One World. Love it Everyday”.

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With a combined 13+ years of expertise, we have worked with some of the most successful companies accross an array of industries. Here is a partial list of clients we've had the pleasure to service.


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