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Link Worker Scheme - one of the programs by Caritas India has invested immense effort in establishing Link Workers to elevate Aids among sex workers. Problem – the task was not a one time solution but needed an ongoing momentum. If they wanted to continue the program's good work, they needed continued investor support for Phase II. They also needed to take the program to more villages. The funding organisations were located in distant cities and countries - far away from Program location. They needed to see the Program at work to continue their support.

Caritas asked Images to create an audio-visual documentation of the program's scope, implementation and achievements.

Images took up an in-depth study of the program. We created a documentary that highlighted the various aspects of the challenge; and how Link-worker Scheme was reaching out as a helping hand. We used an interview based model to tell the story with real beneficiaries and Link Workers. This created an authentic first hand feel of the reality. The fact that the Program has received support and funds to launch Phase II is evidence enough that the film successfully showcased Phase I of the LWS Program.

The client then asked us the capture the Program in print form too. We create a Program Brochure in English and Gujarati.

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